Amanda Marie Artistry Staten Island Photographer Personal

Staten Island Newborn & Maternity Photographer serving Brooklyn, NYC, and NJ

Amanda Marie Artistry Staten Island Photographer Personal

First off thank you so much for taking time to look at my photos. I love so much what I do.

I was born and raised in the south and I am a true southern belle at heart. I have lived all over: Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Nevada, & now New York...consider me a professional mover. ;)

God has blessed me in more ways than I can count. The doors that were closed were never touched by my hands, but divinely unlocked at the right time.

My Lover is my ultimate support system and my stability. He is the supplier of sweet kisses, foot rubs, and quite the daily chef when it comes to breakfast. I do not know what I would do without him. He holds me together when I feel like I am falling a part. He praises everything I do and I am so blessed to have him standing by my side.

Landyn is my beautiful "baby" boy, yes I still refer to him as my baby and always will. He is the reason I live, my heart beats through and in his. He is the epitome of a homebody, he will ask me if we can stay in our PJ's all weekend long while watching movies. He has the kindest most sweetest gentle heart. He is shy at first, but will quickly become a little chatter bug! He loves telling me all about his day at school every evening. We recently took him to Disney World and I asked him when we got home, "What was your favorite part about Disney?" He said "Being with my family" he melts me.

Fall is my favorite season by far. I love editing in PJ's. I have a favorite coffee cup, and it is the only coffee cup I will drink my coffee out of. I cannot walk down the stairs I have to run. I love to cook and bake, although I may not be the best at it ;) Massages make me melt. I am still practicing my parallel parking skills (remember I am from the South) My Mother calls me Goose. I will listen to a song on repeat for hours. My grandmother is my biggest fan. I call everyone hunny, darlin, and dear.
Oh and my name is...

I absolutely love photography and all it has done for me as a human being. I have a dream to make it “BIG” one day as long as I continue down the path I am on, it just may happen. My life is beautiful chaos, my family is my rock and my photography is my driving force.

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